Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ranting and Running

Was watching The View on my lunch break and I feel like Whoopie those in Congress..."we want what you have" Just give us the Health Insurance that you all have, that's all we want. Are we hoping for too much? I don't think so...I don't even care if they raise my taxes if I get something for it. People seem so set against getting their taxes raised, but it has to be done if you want more services etc....WE want free education, free health care, but we are going to have to pay for it somehow, it just has to be ironed out I hope. Seems over the past decade we pay more taxes, but the streets in my town have more potholes than ever, they are cutting police and I just don't see my tax dollars at work and it is very frustrating!!!! I really want to do something, not just sit and complain. Guess I don't know where to start. Write to my Congressman and Representative would probably be a place to start. I need to do that, make note to self.

On an entirely different note. Went to the gym this morning. I usually like to run outdoors, but the weather here is not cooperating, so I joined a gym for the first time and have been using the treadmill or "dreadmill" as a lot of people call it! I am really not minding it too much, did 45 minutes this morning. I am training for a half marathon in May. Did a marathon, my first, in October. Don't know if I will do another. It takes a lot of time and training and not sure if I am willing to do that again, but a half is okay and keeps me motivated. I am a very slow runner and I am trying to work on that. Been running for 30 years and I am just so slow anymore, I don't want to be the one always bringing up the rear anymore, darn it!!!

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