Friday, January 22, 2010

Have been home for two work until tomorrow! I just love days off! I never get accomplished what I want to though...never! Never enough hours in the day, even though I usually start my day at 4:30. This just doesn't seem right does it????? Went to the gym this morning and did the TM again. Not too bad, ran on it for 50 minute. I wanted to run outside, but we were having a little freezing rain.

These dreary days are getting to me. The meteorologist on the local news said that we have had 1 sunny day in the past 28!! It is no wonder that people are depressed for heaven's sake!! Maybe I need one of those light boxes to perk me up. My house looks dirty, everything looks dirty this time of year, I do not like it. Gee only 2 or 3 months more of this! I wish that I were a more positive person. I tend to expect the worst and am happy when it doesn't happen that way. I should be just the opposite, but it is a hard habit to overcome and I try, I really do. Wonder why I am like this? I don't remember my parents being pessimistic, maybe my mom a little. I guess I am pessimistic about the little things it always rains on my day off (it does) or , when my son played baseball, I would sit in those bleachers and just wish and think positive that he would get a hit when he was up to bat, but he very rarely did, stupid things like that, that do not matter a bit anymore...weird thoughts tonight.

Talked to a dear friend today who always cheers me up. Aren't friends wonderful??? Always knows what to say to make my day. Husbands aren't always good for this, they mean well, but nothing like a friend. Is that terrible to say? I don't think so. My husband is great, just not great for all things.

I am alone tonight for a few hours. I do love being alone, but tonight I wish that I had company, something to do, somewhere to go, I am starting to get a little depressed and that "feel sorry for myself" feeling is coming on. I better go and do something watch a comedy movie!


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